A family company, About us

Our company is built on trust, reliability and a passion for craftsmanship. Hybrid Residential started as a family business over 40 years ago. Our exceptional work is reflected in our long-lasting customer relationships and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Our approach gives our clients peace of mind and confidence that their building project will be completed with the utmost care, quality and efficiency.

As an experienced team of problem-solvers and innovators with decades of experience, our central focus is always quality craftsmanship.

We recognise that the team are more than just employees, and relationships are the essential building blocks for great builds.

An architectural approach

Our difference comes from our foundation in architecture. From modern new builds to custom extensions, we consider all the complex details and can anticipate and solve problems before they arise.

Our detailed approach and hands-on experience mean we can support your tender or contract negotiation.

A personal team

We work closely with you every step of the way. We build a partnership first and your build comes next.

Whether you’re an architect, a draftsman, or a homeowner, we’re committed to providing quality craftsmanship and services you can rely on.

Trusted, reliable, and professional building partners for you – Auckland builders.