With over 40 years’ experience, Hybrid build beautifully bespoke, expertly crafted sleepouts, minor dwellings and granny flats, Auckland-wide.

Get the perfect sleepout addition to your home

Building a granny flat, sleepout, minor dwelling, or minor unit is a great way to make the most out of the space on your property, whether it’s for family members, to earn some extra income, or to simply work from home to get that extra space you’ve always wanted.

Sleepout – Villa – 30m2

Sleepout Villa aesthetic. Custom built to match the character of your home.

Sleepout – Bungalow – 30m2

Sleepout Bungalow character. Bedroom with study or home office.

Sleepout – Cottage – 30m2

Sleepout Cottage design. Two bedrooms with wardrobes and veranda and deck.

Sleepout – Central Bay – 30m2

Sleepout Central Bay design. Multi-purpose space for an expanding family.

Sleepout – Double Bay – 30m2

Sleepout Double Bay. Designed to compliment the character of your home.

Sleepout – Split Gable – 30m2

Sleepout Split Gable. Complimentary to your 70's home with classic features.

Sleepout – Villa – 65m2

Sleepout Villa. Minor dwelling with two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom laundry.

Sleepout – Bungalow – 65m2

Sleepout Bungalow. Double bedroom with kitchen, laundry, wardrobes matching your home.

Sleepout – Modular Unit – 65m2

Sleepout Modular Design. Sleepout or minor dwelling with modules to suit.

Sleepout – Louvre Roof

Sleepout Louvre Roof. Sleepout with carport, storage and optional bathroom and kitchen.

Sleepout – Cottage – 10m2

Sleepout Cottage. Minor unit with veranda and deck for character additional space.

Sleepout – Corner Site – 10m2

Sleepout Corner Site. Minor unit with wrap around veranda and over windows.

Sleepout – Minor Unit – 10m2

Sleepout Minor Unit. Single bedroom with sliding doors both sides.

Sleepout – Mancave – 10m2

Sleepout Mancave. Multi-purpose building with internal storage.

Sleepout – Villa Studio – 10m2

Sleepout Villa Studio. Single bedroom with villa features, veranda and deck.

Sleepout – Studio – 20m2

Sleepout Studio. Large multi-purpose studio for home office or guest house.

A full-service team, looking after you every step of the way

Whether you’ve got a general idea, or a specific design in mind, we’ll build something that’s personal to you.

As a full-service building company, we’re proud to say our experienced and approachable team can take care of the whole process – from planning out the design and layout, to getting resource consent, to managing the full construction.

Custom Sleepouts & Minor Dwellings

A sleepout (30 square metres) is a great way to add an extra multi-purpose rooms, bedroom and study, rumpus room for kids and sleepovers, guest house, or office to work from home, storage.

A Minor Dwelling (65 square metres) adds an extra bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and running water above a sleepout and can be built up to 65m2.

Building a stand alone sleepout or Minor Dwelling is less disruptive than altering your existing home and cheaper overall.

A Sleepout or Minor Dwelling will increase the sale price of your property and will add flexibility to your lifestyle even if you use one of the rooms as storage. You can separately metre your Minor Dwelling for a secondary income.

Are you looking for a Sleepout or Minor Dwelling for extra room and a multi-purpose?

Sleepout up to 30 square metres without building consent! *conditions apply*

Hybrid have the custom designed Sleepout solution for you.

“We unconditionally recommend Hybrid”

Hybrid has proven to us that it has the commitment and dedication to complete work it states, no matter how difficult.

Matt & Lisa Newby

“Totally Recommended”

Once again your team has been very professional and workmanship outstanding

Stephen & Veronica Covic

“Please pass on our sincere thanks to all the Hybrid Team”

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness
increases” and I believe that our house is now truly on its way to being a thing of beauty due to the transformation brought about by Hybrid

Marina and Barry Potter

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